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Story last updated at 3:03 PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School district seeks public opinions

Staff Report

Do you have an opinion about public education and focus areas that will guide the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District?

A four-question community survey is open until Aug. 6 for public comment.

"One of the more difficult challenges that our large district presents is how to effectively plan to meet the learning needs of our students at our forty-three diverse schools. While certain commonalities among our schools exist, it is clear that what works in Soldotna may not work in Razdolna. With this in mind, in January 2012, we set out to create a long term strategic plan that will guide our improvement efforts for the next five years. Using input from community and staff members, the district's principals, administrators, and school board drafted new mission and vision statements and then created this plan that seeks public comment," said Dr. Steve Atwater, superintendent of the school district, in a press release.

KPBSD seeks input from families, community members, students and employees regarding the new vision, mission, guiding principles, and three focus areas for the school district.

Access the online survey via the school district home page: www.kpbsd.org or via this link: http://bit.ly/SurveyFocusAreas.

The three focus areas, mission, vision and guiding principles will frame the school district goals, and drive the long-term strategic priorities for KPBSD at district-wide and local school site levels. The broad focus areas are: academic success, organizational excellence and community and family engagement.