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Story last updated at 3:33 PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Low gas prices? Not here

Just to comment on July 19ths Homers Best Bets: Normally I totally enjoy and can relate to the Betsters comments, but in this edition, in the fifth paragraph, I take exception to the comment about low gas prices. Ah, has the Betster not traveled anywhere lately?

Alaska has the highest gas prices and its the talk of the Lower 48. Oil from here isnt used here. Fuel oil comes from five states outside and then is sold up here. Insane? I think so and so the comment is not, in fact, accurate.

Just check with Tesoro, theyre the one who spilled this information to us from their main office. Might be nice to have some truth in reporting for a change. Having just traveled almost 300,000 miles traversing our great country and Canada as retirees and residents of Alaska in the past 10 years, Alaskans are living with their heads in the sand allowing the price gauging to continue.

Low gas prices, just go to Anchorage and that is at least better than the Kenai Peninsula. And then again, we do want our tourists to trust what is being suggested as Best Bets for our community. Credibility is lost since there isnt anyone from somewhere else that would say Homer has low gas prices.

KC Johnson

Fritz Creek

Editors Note: The Betster deeply regrets not writing lower at least lower than they were a few weeks ago.