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Story last updated at 3:38 PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obamas policies are working

When Alaskas economy collapsed in 1986, there wasnt a single spec home built in Anchorage for six years. Apartments and condos didnt resume in quantity for 12. Thats typical of how long it takes for economies to turn around. When Bush took office, thanks to eight years of Clintons policies, the nation had a balanced budget and a thriving economy. Seven years into Bushs new policies unemployment was rising at a record rate. By the end of Bushs eighth year, according to http://zfacts.com/node/319, the nation was losing a historical never before seen 800,000 jobs every month.

Obamas stimulus package, the package Republicans say didnt work, reversed the rising unemployment the month following its passage. Within a year, the nations job hemorrhage had shrunk to zero. The number of American jobs has been slowly climbing ever since.

Obamas biggest mistake was underestimating how long the economy would take to fully recover.

If Romney is elected, he will re-embrace Bush policies and finish steering Americas economy over the economic cliff Gorge Bush almost sent us over.

Ray Metcalfe



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