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Story last updated at 3:34 PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ballot Measure 2 about local control

Its no surprise the big oil and mining corporations and their front groups are misleading Alaskans about Ballot Measure 2 to restore the Alaska Coastal Management Program. But when our friends and neighbors start to misspeak about Ballot Measure 2 which would return Alaskan control over our coastal resources its time to correct the record.

In a recent letter, Paul Hueper wrote: Why, as Alaskans, would we surrender our own already well-controlled coastlines into the hands of the power-craving federal government? Either Mr. Hueper doesnt know the law, or hes so deep in the corporate Kool-Aid he doesnt care to. The fact is, the coastal management program is the only law let me repeat, the only law which gives Alaskans a meaningful say in federal decision-making around our coastlines. Without it, Alaska can submit comments on coastal development, but the feds can ignore us. Under the coastal management program, the feds have no choice: They must listen to Alaskans.

Its a well-known ploy to fall back on fear mongering when the facts arent on your side. That may explain why Mr. Hueper resorts to tired and divisive rhetoric to try to scare people. Liberals and radical environmentalists want to steal away the freedoms we have as Alaskans. Seriously? First, hes wrong (see above). Second, who do you trust more the fishermen and small Alaskan businesses supporting Ballot Measure 2 or the largest corporations on the planet that dont like the idea of Alaskans having a voice in coastal development?

As one noted journalist rightly observed, The only thing we have to fear is fear mongering itself.

Alaskans overwhelmingly prefer local control over control by the federal government, and the coastal management program is the only law that gives Alaskans the legal tools to force the feds to listen to us. If Mr. Hueper truly wants freedom from the heavy hand of federal oversight on Aug. 28, I hope hell vote yes on Ballot Measure 2 to restore local control to Alaskans over our coastlines and marine resources.

Bob Shavelson

Cook Inletkeeper