Story last updated at 4:11 p.m. Thursday, July 25, 2002

Election deadline looms
You will not be able to choose your representative to the Alaska House for the upcoming two-year term if you are a registered Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Alaska Independence Party or Republican Moderate.

This race will be decided in the Republican Primary, not the general election. The only two candidates for our House District 35 are Drew Scalzi (the incumbent), and Paul Seaton, both Republicans.

The only way you will be able to vote for any state representative is to re-register by July 28 as either an Undeclared, Nonpartisan, or Republican, then to choose the Republican ballot at the primary. This will also give you the opportunity to vote in the contested races for Republican governor and lt. governor candidates.

You do not lose anything by doing this. The other parties do not have serious contests in the primary races. You will be able to vote in the general election. You can re-register with your party of choice at any time after the primary, which is Aug. 27.

You can change your registration by phone at (907) 522-8683 or get a printed form at ltgov/elections/regappf.htm.

July 28 is also the last day to register to vote.

Pamela Brodie