Story last updated at 4:11 p.m. Thursday, July 25, 2002

Character elevates candidate
There is a monument at the end of the Homer Spit dedicated to those lost at sea. The idea for the Seafarers Memorial came into being in the early 1980s. At the time, a committee was formed, but times were busy and it wasn't at the top of anyone's priority list. The committee kept going, it formulated designs and the city donated property, but mostly it continued to idle along.

Then in the early 1990s Drew Scalzi decided it was time. He rallied us all into action and then proceeded to build the memorial. Drew poured the foundation, then he poured and shaped the walls and raised them up. He mortared the flower beds stone-by-stone, and he laid the paver bricks.

It is not my intent to overstate the facts; Drew didn't erect the memorial all by himself and had help. However, everyone involved in the building of the memorial will tell you that it would not be standing today if Drew hadn't stepped in.

He had a goal, he determined what needed to happen, kept his focus, shouldered more than his fair share of the load, and in the process he inspired us all. Drew is just that kind of man. As our representative, he uses the same hands-on approach. He maintains a positive attitude in his job and his life.

Drew's depth of character is amazing. He can recall everything he's read, he can build monuments, craft legislation, play softball, catch halibut and still find time to fix my lawnmower when it breaks. He is one of my heroes at a time when heroes aren't found easily.

We don't always agree on issues, but I know that he will consider my concerns before he acts. Ultimately, I believe in the integrity of the man, and I know that he won't compromise himself. That earns my vote.

Don't get trapped in the negative rhetoric. If you want action, strength of character, humor, accountability, perspective and intelligent, responsive legislation, I urge you to support Drew in August's primary.

Pat Moss