Story last updated at 4:11 p.m. Thursday, July 25, 2002

Legislator's work appreciated
I would like to make a couple of observations concerning the upcoming election for the state Legislature, specifically about House District 35 candidates Drew Scalzi and Paul Seaton. Before Peter Roberts dropped his candidacy, I thought this was going to be a very interesting race, since Mr. Roberts, in his zeal to protect the citizens from being annexed, managed to completely discredit himself with ridiculous charges against Mr. Scalzi.

I was hoping to see how the citizens of Homer would handle him running against what is surely one of our finest, hardest-working, talented and all-around great state House representatives.

I have watched Mr. Scalzi go from a hard-working fisherman through a personal hardship with cancer to a stellar stint with the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, proving his ability to work hard at representing his constituency and getting along with the rest of the assembly, then on to the state Legislature, continuing to impress everyone around with his work ethic and friendly attitude. He is truly in the mold of some of the great leaders, like Mr. Tillion and Mr. Hammond, in our great state, and I would not be surprised to see him in one of the state's highest offices if he so chooses.

I certainly have nothing against Mr. Seaton. He is a successful fisherman and businessman. He really had not paid his dues in the lower echelons of service to the electorate.

But what is really telling is his acceptance of Mr. Roberts' endorsement when Peter wisely dropped out of the race. I would not think Mr. Robert's endorsement would be worth anything, and more probably is detrimental to Mr. Seaton's candidacy.

Just one other thing: I have great admiration for Mr. Scalzi in his heading up of the Seafarers Memorial. He worked long hard hours, with many others, in putting up one of the finest memorials in the state. Many, many people reverently file through the memorial, seeing some of Homer's finest listed among the lost at sea.

Thank you, Rep. Scalzi, for your fine service and for your example of what it is to be a good citizen. You will get my vote. I hope others will show their support at the polls.

John Williams