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Story last updated at 2:52 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bargains abound at Monday market

Happenings in Anchor Point

By Colleen Rindlisbacher
For the Homer News


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A man enjoys eating baked goods he just purchased from a vendor at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.

If you happen to be a regular at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market held every Monday, you may have noticed that bargain shopping is not just a trend around here.

At the Anchor Point market, you will often run into prices so low you won't believe your eyes. It is here that the generous local vendors would like you to be a part of their good fortune, as well. Some vendors, such as Dawn Hoxie and myself, are even open to bartering.

Every week we introduce new vendors to the market. Last week I met two — one of whom gladly gave every ukulele player in the band a fresh bag of lettuce, after performing for the crowd. As I had seen this new vendor readily give away his homegrown produce, all I could think was, what a kind community that I am so proud to be a part of.

This farmers' market has, in many ways, been a great success. I define success not in terms of revenue, but by peace of mind, knowing that we live in a caring community.

When you come to the Monday market you don't only get great crafts and food, but an experience. Coming to the Monday market means you have to embrace the warmth of the greenhouse, hear the laughter in joyful conversation, get to know the vendors and possibly your neighbors.

Submit your senses to your surroundings and take in your arms the goodness of life in the moment.

What I love about this market and so many others is that, "buying" is not the soul purpose for gathering. On special days when live music is present, all conversations stop, and everyone yields to the power of the rhythm.

Fortunately, we will have more live music at the greenhouse in three weeks. I will release more information when the event gets closer.

This week we were graced by the presence of a live food-prep demonstrator. We were excited to have her, because we have been waiting for her all month.

Also this week, and the following weeks until the end of the season, the Anchor Point Farmers' Market will be held in the cozy greenhouse.

Colleen Rindlisbacher is part of the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.