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Story last updated at 4:09 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No on Prop 2; yes on Faulkner

It never ceases to amaze me how power-hungry liberals try every angle to slip in and steal away the freedoms we have as Alaskans. Consider Proposition 2 coming up on the Aug. 28 primary ballot. It is an unconstitutional attempt to turn our coastal areas over to the control of the feds. It is aimed at creating a cumbersome, vague and heavily bureaucratic system of taking away our freedoms and our personal property rights.

As a business owner along the coast of Homer, I am against this poorly written plan. Why, as Alaskans, would we surrender our own already well controlled coastlines into the hands of the power-craving federal government? Prop 2 attempts to set random and nebulous scenic and aesthetic appearance standards, and if a liberal and radical environmentalist didnt like the way your property looked, they would take on federal powers to correct your improper aesthetics. How crazy is that?

Look, every reasonable and responsible major business in Alaska is taking a strong stance against this measure. They understand that such a crazy proposition will progressively choke off any potential job growth along our coastlines. It would set the stage for layers of red tape, drive business costs skyward and cause endless litigation. Its just a bad idea for Alaska.

The prop is a 703-word measure (the longest in state history) that is poorly written, ambiguous and irregular, according to our attorney general. The prop itself is a mess not what we need to live peaceful lives in this beautiful state.

Last of all, what really baffles me is that Paul Seaton, our local state rep, actually supports this liberal power grab. It shocks me. I thought he was a Republican. I prefer the conservative approach that Jon Faulkner, his opponent in the Aug. 28 Republican primary, is taking. Yes, lets have a responsible coastal zone management plan. But lets not choke off Alaskas economic future.

Please, lets vote against Prop 2 on Aug. 28.

Paul Hueper