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Story last updated at 4:10 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Faulkner: quiet candidate for House

Quietly and without fanfare over 24 years, who has helped you the most in lowering your tax burden?

Who has spent millions in private capital (not including the acquisition cost of Lands End, the Van Gilder Hotel and the Kenai Landings) adding 60 year-round and 60 more seasonal employees, not to mention the design, construction and marketing of the Lands End Lodges using 100 percent local labor and materials?

Jon Faulkner, as one of the pioneers in developing our year-round visitor industry, knows how to create community growth through private investment, lowering your tax burden.

By contrast, his opponent is setting things up for some dramatic tax and cost increases to you. Through rose-colored glasses, the HEA, hospital, city and school benefits will look like roses. Guess whose taxes get to pay for the infrastructure, not including the costs/assessments for running gas by your house and hooking you up?

Creation of new jobs? Yet to be determined.

For decades we have put up foot-print, architectural design burdens, location limits and the list goes on of non-energy related, anti-business prohibitions to business. Will those anti-business attitudes suddenly change with gas? Not likely, but your taxes will certainly go up.

Jon has proven how to build an economy and put money in your pocket without increasing your taxes or adding more government debt and control.

I hereby endorse Jon Faulkner for State House.

Stan Welles