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Story last updated at 4:14 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homer's Best Bets

While the rest of America suffers in close to 100-degree weather, we Alaskans celebrate the reason we live here. Yes, we love the wildlife, the scenery, the low taxes, the freedom and those awesome permanent fund dividend checks. What keeps us here, at least in the summer, is being able to sleep at night without air conditioning. Holy Willis Haviland Carrier! Some nights we even have to toss a down comforter over our bodies.

Years ago while the Betster stared down a charging grizzly bear on the Arctic Refuge, yours truly recalled that moment when the Betster decided to move to Alaska. It had been a typical August day in Florida, muggy and so hot that sweat roared down the B's nose like Niagara Falls. The Betster had been laid off from work and to economize shut off the air conditioning. To survive, the Betster slept in shorts on a hammock on a screened porch.


Photo by Michael Armstrong

In congress A group of fledgling and adult ravens — also known as a congress or an unkindness of ravens — roost in a dead spruce tree on Diamond Ridge.

We might regret shoveling through 10-foot drifts. We might regret trying to start our cars on minus-20 mornings. We might regret the bitter cold freezing our eyelashes shut, but we will never, never regret an Alaska summer. Even when it's rainy and cold, one quick glance at the Lower 49 temperatures and we thank our lucky stars we had the wisdom to a) be born in Alaska, b) move to Alaska and c) not leave Alaska.

Not that you should count, but if you did, you'd see that we're about halfway between Memorial and Labor Day. You know what that means? Exactly. Wildflowers. Lupines reaching to the heavens. Pacific paintbrush bursting with yellow. Chocolate lilies glistening in the fog. Geraniums tickling our thighs. And those precious little forget-me-nots carpeting the alpine tundra.

Cool days and nights. Long daylight hours. Fledgling cranes and ravens squawking through the night. Low gas prices. The companionship of visiting friends and relatives. Alaskans, it doesn't get any better than this, especially since there's lots to do on a fine summer weekend, like these Best Bets:

BEST THREE BAT BET: Sure the newest Batman movie is getting rave reviews and we're lucky to see it so soon in our little burg by the bay, but the Homer Theatre does it one better — make that two better — tonight, with the Bat-a-thon. See the first one, the second one or watch all three. Lights out at 6 p.m.

BEST ARTS UP CLOSE BET: Composer Lawrence Moss rolls out new compositions, with the help of musicians Juliana Osinchuk, Kate Egan and Marlena Bateman and accompanied by dancer Mariah Maloney at Bunnell Street Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Admission is $25, pay as you can.

BEST TAKING IT TO THE STREET BET: Just when you thought you had done everything fun Homer had to offer this summer, along comes the Homer Council on the Arts annual Street Faire. Take a stroll down Hazel Avenue between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday and enjoy Homer's creative energy as it shape-shifts into art, music, food, fun activities and the antics of street performers.

BEST SPEAK-UP BET: Whether you do or you don't want natural gas brought to your Homer or Kachemak City neighborhood, now is the time to let your voice be heard. The Homer City Council is addressing the topic from several different angles when they meet Monday and they want to hear from you. See related story, page 1, or visit the city of Homer website at www.cityofhomer-ak.gov/.