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Riley Meganack


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Riley Meganack  
Lifelong fisherman and Native leader, Riley Megan-ack, 63, died July 5 from complications of cancer. He died in his Port Graham home surrounded by many people who loved and respected him.

Services were held July 7 at Saint Herman's Church in Port Graham, with Father Active officiating. Pallbearers were Gregory McMullen (son-in-law), Patrick Norman (brother-in-law), Walter Jr. Meganack (brother), Seraphim Meganack (brother), Ephim Kamluck Sr. (brother-in-law), Ephim Anahonak Jr. (family member), Storman Norman (nephew) and Randy Norman (friend of the family). Cross holders were Dale Malchoff and David Malchoff (nephew). Mr. Meganack was buried at the Port Graham Cemetery.

Mr. Meganack was born Dec. 31, 1938, in Port Graham, the oldest son of Walter Sr. and Lubova Meganack. His family said, "He will be remembered as a quiet man who never hurt anyone, someone who would teach and lead by example. He was a hardworking fisherman who found time to fix furnaces, haul freight, sit on the Port Graham Corporation Board of Directors and the Port Graham Village Council and be a devoted father and grandfather. He was a father that told you quietly of expectations and prided in his family. He was a great father but a greater Grandpa (Appa) who loved his grandkids. Traditional Aleut values guided Riley all of his life; the ones that he was best known for were generosity and helpfulness."

Mr. Meganack is survived by his mother, Lubova Meganack, and wife, Stella Meganack; his children Laura McMullen, Anna Meganack, Rita Meganack and Ryan Meganack; his brothers and sisters Mary Malchoff, Ben Meganack Sr., Jean Huntsman, Walter Meganack Jr., Seraphim Meganack, Agnes Miller, Alice Anahonak, Francis Norman, Cheryl Grieser and Harvey Meganack; grandchildren Samantha McMullen, Michelle Meganack, Larissa McMullen, Naomi McMullen, Ariana Coulson, Michael Anahonak, Kelsey Meganack, Sean McMullen, Zachary Bolton and Jacob McMullen; and many nieces, nephews and extended family "who will greatly miss Riley," his family said.