Story last updated at 1:56 p.m. Thursday, July 18, 2002

Dog's cries bring rescue
After more than three days trapped in a narrow rock chute on Douglas Island near Juneau, Trecie, a 70-pound malamute, is happy to be home.

So happy, in fact, that she's been spending a lot of time under the bed.

"She's not feeling real confident, but she'll come around," said Richard Fraser.

Trecie was apparently startled by firecrackers set off July 3 and took off up into a historic mine.

Though the family searched for several hours the first day she was gone, there was no sign of the dog. Several days later, however, an acquaintance told the family he'd heard a dog howling up in the mine.

On the fourth day she was gone, Fraser heard a distant howl and started climbing in its direction.

"I know my dog's howl because I lived with it when she was a puppy," Fraser said.

"I got up to the top ... looked down, and by golly, there's old Trecie."

The dog was trapped in what Fraser guessed was an old avalanche chute 150 feet below the mine's rim with no water and little room to move.

The dog was quickly rescued, and, though dehydrated, was healthy. The mystery still remains, however, how the dog fell into the chute.

"I wish she could tell us," Fraser said.

-- Juneau Empire