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Story last updated at 6:03 PM on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you, Gov. Parnell

In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and priests had an extensive education. As part of this education they learned of a past civilization that was very sophisticated and existed in harmony with nature and themselves. They had mastered the balance between the material and ethereal, cooperating with each other and Mother Nature to provide infrastructure, sustenance and comfort to all.

In more recent times a naturalist, named Alfred Russel Wallace, sent his manuscript to Charles Darwin to read. Arguably, Wallace was equal to, if not superior to, Darwin in the study of nature at the time. Political shenanigans ensued, Darwin then wrote his theory of evolution and the rest is history. Both men's understanding of evolution was similar with one big difference, Wallace saw evolution occurring through cooperation, Darwin saw it occurring through competition.

In other words, instead of striving to be the best in order for the strongest to survive, an evolved species strives to bring up the weakest in order for all to survive.

So, what does this have to do with the governor? By vetoing the natural gas line he showed that we should not count on anyone for our survival. If the sh*!t hits the fan, supporting Homer will be far from most people's minds outside of Homer. If it never hits the fan then, if we start now, we can gain our independence from outside forces.

Based upon the above, I suggest a couple of thoughts to get things started:

* Buy and/or produce the materials and products (energy, food, clothing, anything) for Homerites, only if the source is sustainable and the by products of development recyclable.

* Manage the rules and development of our community to the whole, not a subset of the whole.

Survive and live through cooperation, or even co-option, not competition.

Kevin Kreitz