Homer Alaska - Letters

Story last updated at 6:02 PM on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guests appreciate Homer's care

On June 29 we, as a party of six, were traveling from Soldotna to Homer to have lunch. We were driving two cars in tandem and got separated by another car. Each car held three people. The first car was invzolved in a very nasty automobile accident, left the highway and flipped over and landed in a ditch.

Within minutes everyone that passed the accident stopped to offer help. There were two off-duty nurses who offered their expert experience in helping to extricate the three people in the automobile. The police were there within minutes with an EMT person with them. The ambulances took more time as they had to come from Homer. What a wonderful group of volunteer EMT people very caring and compassionate.

The three injured people were treated at the hospital in Homer and again, what a great group of doctors, nurses, volunteers, etc. Thank goodness none of the injuries turned out to be life threatening just a lot of pain, bruises, bone chips, etc.

Thank you, Homer residents and workers, for taking such good care of our group.

Ed and Diane Krall, La Canada, Calif.

Alexandra Matejic, South Pasadena, Calif.

Jon M. Boshard, La Canada, Calif.

Don and Betsy Witteman, La Canada, Calif.