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Story last updated at 4:05 PM on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Help after fire appreciated

I would like to thank the American Red Cross for their monetary assistance while I was displaced from my home at the Landings Condos during the recent fire. I appreciated the direct help from Trisha Davis who coordinated the assistance and Beluga Lake Lodge for their wonderful place to stay.

I am grateful for the help of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department and Homer Police Department. I am lucky to have had little damage to my condominium and much of that credit goes to both of these city entities. I know that I was one of the first to be rescued, and I appreciate all of their concern.

To my Pastor Gary Syth and the congregation at Faith Lutheran Church, I also wish to say thank you. To my friends Mary, Peggy and Jack, I received more emotional help from you than you can imagine.

For the drinking water placed on my porch, thank you.

And a special thanks for the coordination and information provided by Christy Mershon of the condo association on behalf of all the tenants.

This was a tragedy and I have come to appreciate the importance of having a safe home.

My prayers are for the neighbors who are still struggling.

Patricia Arnold