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Story last updated at 4:04 PM on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not a case for local police

Im surprised that the Homer Police Department became involved with the attempted arrest of Larry Volz for allegedly operating an unlicensed radio station.

Im pretty sure there is no Homer ordinance against such an activity, probably not even a state law. Why would the Homer Police do the bidding of the Federal Communications Commission? If the FCC wants Larry Volz, the FCC can come and arrest him. We all recall the last fiasco when our local police attempted to arrest someone wanted on federal charges. The resulting shootout at the Homer Airport ended in one death and the serious injury of a child and could have been worse had any of the many innocent bystanders been hit.

The U.S. Marshals Service paid $3.5 million for that action and the city of Homer may have to pay as well. Youd think our local police would learn to be leery of getting involved in enforcing federal laws, especially when no local laws have been violated.

I also was surprised to read that Mr. Volz is described as a strict constitutionalist who may be affiliated with anti-government sentiments. A good share of Alaskans are constitutionalists not thrilled with the government. Who described Mr. Volz that way? Is adherence to our constitution a crime? Is dissatisfaction with the government a crime? What about our free speech rights?

Recently I asked Homer Police Chief Mark Robl if the federal government ties strings to federal grant money, thus influencing our local police department. Chief Robl denied that was the case. I ask again, why did the Homer Police get involved in this incident?

Bumppo Bremicker