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Story last updated at 3:37 PM on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sailors hold off a day, get improved wind and sun

By McKibben Jackinsky
Staff Writer

A lack of wind on Saturday caused a one-day delay for the Homer Yacht Club's Fourth of July Regatta.

The decision was a wise one with not only wind — 10 knots from the southwest — but a change from rain to sun on Sunday.

"It think everyone had a good race," said Lee Dewees, club commodore and captain of Alandra's Lee.

Laughing, Lee, who finished seventh in a field of eight, added, "I did terribly, but I finished. That was good. I worked on my handicap."

The captains and their crews took advantage of Sunday's race to practice their man-overboard skills.

"We chose to use buoys because we couldn't get enough volunteers from crew," said Dewees, happy to report that no buoys were lost in the exercise. Nor crew.

Sunday's race began at the Deep Water Dock, continued around the end of the Spit to the Archimandritof Shoal Buoy, known as "Archy Buoy" and the "green can," around 60-Foot Rock, back to the buoy and then to the finish line.

The next club event is July 16 and is strictly for fun: the Jakolof Bay picnic. Anyone interested in attending can call Dewees at 235-3414.

Only two organized races remain in the club's summer schedule: the Denny Converse Memorial Cup, Aug. 6; and the Kachemak Cup, Sept. 3.

Following are results from Sunday's race:

• First place: Martha, Capt. Carlin Rauch;

• Second place: Nereus, Capt. Erik Pullman;

• Third place: Winter Hawk, Capt. Shawn Hansen;

• Fourth place: Heather's Dance, Capt. Mark Brinster;

• Fifth place: Morning Star, Capt. Ron Downing;

• Sixth place: Arctica, Capt. Craig Forrest;

• Seventh place: Alandra's Lee, Capt. Lee Dewees;

• Eighth place: Bluewater, Capt. Michael Sharp.