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Story last updated at 1:28 PM on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

American dream all about money

Folks, we are murderers. We have killed human beings all around the globe in our names, and we pretend to do it in the name of democracy and freedom. It has nothing to do with religion though our government wishes us to believe it does. It's time we faced the facts. We're ignorant and blind to our idealist goals, which don't actually exist except words on paper.

Who can describe the American dream? The bartenders? Strippers? Drug dealers? Welfare recipients? Mental Health? Medical workers? Politicians? Lawyers? Corporate CEOs? Government? These dreamers are all mainly there for the money, not justice, freedom or democracy or actual help. Not just money either, but, more money.

Money is the American dream. Where do democracy and freedom fit into the American dream? Yet, that's what we peddle. Our American mantra is, "we kill for democracy and freedom." Who in the world are we fooling?

Politicians are there for the money. False promises spewed to the masses do not to help the people who pay their wages. If President Obama kept the promises he was elected to do, we would not be in war with any country today. All our troops would already be home and we would have stopped killing other nations for their money and resources. We haven't stopped warring at all, not since Vietnam, in fact, more wars are coming to us all in the future.

Today's Congress created the national debt your great-grandchildren will be paying for, if we make it that far. The majority of U.S. citizens stand behind the criminals as if they were gods. We are American Dreamers as so planned, but, to our own demise.

The Federal Reserve is not our banking savior. The Feds are our enemies, always printing more debt for us to sign for. They don't even belong in our country. They are a privately owned institution based out of London. We bailed them out so they could print more money to use as our debt to them (for our lands and sons).

Hey, don't let them take your house. They didn't work for it. Don't sign anything. Your signature is your life and when you sign a piece of paper, you are actually signing your life away. You will go to jail if you fail to pay the bank back the printed debt you signed for, and the militant police force will do anything they are told (plus some things they are not told) for money.

One day soon our new FEMA prison camps will be full of innocent citizens who were just trying to make a decent living for their families. Prepare yourself for the fast-talking salesman calling himself your friendly neighborhood politician, for he will steal your home as he smiles and pretends to be your friend.

Maka Fairman