Story last updated at 2:29 p.m. Friday, July 5, 2002

Information regarding courthouse activity is taken from logbooks and court-issued forms and may not contain all details of the final disposition of each case. Case files are available for public review at the courthouse.

Court records show the following actions taken in Homer District Court through July 1:

Cases filed in Criminal Court

Michael G. Bath, 40, driving while intoxicated, driving while license suspended.

Ryan L. Wunderlich, 17, Anchor Point, minor consuming alcohol.

Shayne R. Woodworth, 34, fourth-degree assault.

Colleen Ann Thornton, 56, fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

Maureen Thornton Ketchum, 56, fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

Susan M. Hungerford, 40, Anchorage, DWI, DWLS.

Emily M. Murphy, 17, Anchorage, DWLS.

Michael L. Strand, 41, violating a domestic-violence restraining order.

Bruce M Tait, 40, Anchorage, DWI, driving while license revoked.

Kurt Hartung, 20, third-degree sexual abuse of a minor, a felony, third-degree criminal mischief.

Travis M. Smith, 19, driving without an operator's license.

Anton Martushev, 41, DWI, DWLS.

Cases filed in Civil Court

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. vs. Elle Yakunin and Nikolai Yakunin, forcible entry and detainer.

Robert Prescott vs. Elisa Prescott, temporary restraining order granted.

Marriage License Applications

Gregg D. Hunt and Erin P. Fleckenstein, both of Burbank, Calif.

Charles H. Cavanaugh, Denver, Colo., and Kathe L. Davis, North Bend, Wash.