Story last updated at 2:09 p.m. Friday, July 5, 2002

Candidate seeks support
Dear Editor,

I believe all Alaskans are aware that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for now is dead and the Canadian Highway Gasline is uneconomical and will not be built in this decade, if ever.

The Citizens of Alaska have secured a November Ballot Initiative calling for an all-Alaska Gasline Project (not another study!) to Valdez.

The Canadian Highway proposal is a "bullet line" to Alberta, Canada, exporting our gas and within it all of our most valuable hydrocarbons. Canada will then "strip" out all of our butanes, ethanes, propanes, etc. and process them in their multibillion-dollar petrochemical industry that Alberta has so smartly developed for themselves.

This is against our state Constitution, which calls for our resources to be used to benefit Alaskans. We must process our own gas into "value-added" petrochemical products for export, just as Alberta does. Building a gasline to Valdez gets this done within five to six years.

This project will be the beginning of Alaska's own huge petrochemical industry being fed by the feedstock of our North Slope gas reserves.

The untold billions of dollars into our state treasury from this new industry plus export of our gas via LNG tankers will more than solve the fiscal gap and create thousands upon thousands of new construction and permanent jobs. Vote for me for lieutenant governor on Aug. 27, and vote Yes on Nov. 5.

Scott Heyworth, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor and chief sponsor, Citizens Initiative for the All Alaska Gasline, Anchorage