Story last updated at 2:08 p.m. Friday, July 5, 2002

Couple appreciates kindness
Dear Editor,

You have in your midst one of the loveliest couples we have ever met. Let me tell you why. My husband and I met them at the Vancouver, British Columbia, airport, in the Princess cruise line area. We arrived there to start a vacation on a Princess cruise. I discovered I had lost my wallet. Panic set in for me. This couple was close to us and heard what had happened and immediately offered to loan us some money. I asked why they would offer a stranger money, and the reply I got was "because that's what Alaskans do." While all this transpired, someone who was helping us from the airline (my husband is in a wheelchair) called the plane we had flown in on and the cleaning crew had found my wallet on the plane. I got it back right away.

I thanked this couple profusely and asked them their names. His is Kim and hers is Jo, and they are from Homer. This is all I found out about them. We saw them several times on the cruise, just saying hello in passing. I am so sorry I did not stop them and get their address and last name, and it has bothered me I didn't. This is why I am taking this way to try to find out about them and thank them again for the wonderful gesture they made to us.

I am hoping that you will publish this story in your "letters to the editor" column of your paper. I hope they or some of their friends will see it and get in touch with us at 4009 Layman Ave., Pico Rivera, Calif. 90660 or e-mail

Thanks for being a go-between for us.

Wynn and Ivene Kessler