Story last updated at 2:07 p.m. Friday, July 5, 2002

Honor a veteran
Dear Editor,

The "Vote in Honor of Veteran" program provides Alaskans with the opportunity to honor those who have proudly served this country in the military. The program recognizes veterans' important contributions in preserving our democracy by having participants cast their ballots in honor of a veteran.

By completing an application, you can indicate that you want to honor a veteran with your vote. The information you submit about the veteran will be posted on a Web site to be created this summer. On Election Day, Nov. 5, you can vote in honor of that veteran. When you vote, stickers will be available at the polls that say "I Voted to Honor a Veteran." More information may be obtained from the Web site at

Here are the mechanics of the program: Writing down about the veteran whom you want to honor makes you think about that person, what they did and your relationship to them. We want to know why such a person deserves the honor of voting in their memory. The response may include the branch and years of service, countries or conflicts in which they served, medals or honors received, highlights of military service, etc. We are interested in the most important value, idea or lesson you learned from this person who may be alive or deceased.

The information about veterans will be available online to inspire those who visit the Web site. It's possible if enough veterans are honored that a book will also be compiled.

An application may be picked up at the local American Legion or use a sheet of paper and write down a story about your veteran including the ideas above. You must include your name, address, e-mail address, if you are a veteran and your branch of service and your relationship to the veteran you're honoring. Mail your information to American Legion Auxiliary, attention Darlene, P.O. Box 2643, Homer, and we will see that your information is passed on to the proper committee.

Darlene Sheldon, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 16