Story last updated at 2:42 p.m. Friday, July 5, 2002

Multi-genre sound visits Homer
by Carey James
Staff Writer

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Radoslav "Rad" Lorkovic  
Radoslav "Rad" Lorkovic, has a varied past, and that past is evident from his music, a mix of elegant classical and jazz folded into basic blues, country and soul.

It's a recipe that perhaps is only possible for someone like Lorkovic, who was exposed to much of his musical impulse as a child in Croatia through his grandmothers.

Lorkovic's maternal grandmother, Antonija Burjas, sang him Croatian, Slovenian and Czech songs as a baby, and by age 1, his family said, he was singing back on pitch. At the same time, classical music was a constant due to the influence of his paternal grandmother, Melita Lorkovic, an internationally renowned classical pianist.

At the age of 6, Lorkovic moved to the United States and developed a strong foothold in the classical music scene when a new musical genre caught his adolescent attention.

According to Lorkovic's release, he became "sidetracked" by a single blues scale taught to him by a friend, and spent the next few years learning the blues.

By 20, he was touring with Bo Ramsey and the Sliders, having mastered the styles of boogie-woogie greats such as Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Freddie Slack.

The next major influence in Lorkovic's musical career was Greg Brown, a folk musician who is no stranger to the Homer area. Lorkovic and Ramsey began touring with Brown, and Lorkovic started brushing up on his classical heritage around the same time. He tossed some Tex-Mex and Zydeco accordion sounds in on top, and by 1990, made his first solo recording with "Clear and Cold," by Shed Records.

Critics quickly took note of his varied musical style, and one reviewer called his vocal style "a mix of Greg Brown and Arlo Guthrie."

Two years later, Lorkovic produced "The Line," incorporating similar mixes of sound with a musical tribute to the devastation in his homeland in "Duty Free Dubrovnik."

"High and Dry" followed with music ac-companied by Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey, en-hancing Lorko-vic's funky yet understated jazz/blues style .

Lorkovic produced two more records, his last titled "Live at Cortile Mercato Vecchio" produced in 1998. He tours the world regularly, appearing at events such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and New York City's Bottom Line, as well as a litany of Italian castles and villas, and this Saturday, Homer.