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Story last updated at 3:53 PM on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Visiting golfer sinks hole-in-one

By McKibben Jackinsky
Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of Firweed Meadow

Ed Lord of Bristol, N.H., celebrates his hole-in-one shot June 29 at Fireweed Meadows Golf Course in Anchor Point.

There are a lot of things that make Kenai Peninsula visitors jump for joy. Big halibut, bear sightings, swooping bald eagles are some of the most common.

For Ed Lord of Bristol, N.H., it wasn't any of that. It was hitting a hole-in-one on the Fireweed Meadows Golf Course in Anchor Point on Friday.

"When Katie (Clark) went out there to take his picture, he was jumping up and down," said Cheryl Rates, Clark's co-worker at Fireweed Meadows.

There were 148 yards and a tree separating Lord from hole No. 4. Using a six iron, he saw the ball clear the tree and hit the green, but when Lord caught up to where he saw the ball land, it had disappeared.

"I looked all over the place. Even went down the road," he said of his search. "So I dropped another ball, putted it in and then saw I had two balls in there. I said, 'Oh wow, I've got a hole-in-one.' It was unbelievable. I just stood there and didn't know what to do."

What Lord did was call Fireweed Meadows' office and Clark went out to take his picture. By that time, what he'd done had sunk in and he was jumping for joy.

Lord began playing golf in New Hampshire in 2001. His first — and only other — hole-in-one was made at Oak Hill Golf Course that year. He and his wife are spending the summer traveling around Alaska in their motor home. Since being in Alaska, he also has golfed in Wasilla.

"My wife usually rides with me (on the golf course), but today she wanted to hang back at the camper. I sure wish she had been with me. I was out there all by myself," he said.

After leaving Anchor Point, the Lords plan to spend three weeks in the Homer area before traveling on to Kodiak.

"This was fantastic. Very exciting," said Lord of his hole-in-one. "I'm taking a pizza home and the wife and I will probably have a few beverages. My heart's still pumping."

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