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Story last updated at 3:48 PM on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Food pantry needs your help

With the beginning of summer, those of us at the Homer Community Food Pantry look forward to receiving the sal-mon and halibut still in your freezers from last year, fresh vegetables from your gardens and household items and clothing left over from your garage sales.

Its also the time of year when the letter carriers have collected food for our community. Over the years we have been blessed to receive that bounty just when we needed it the most as the long winter has depleted our food stores. This year it did not happen, much to our disappointment. The loss of that donation has left a huge gap.

Only with a generous donation of 350 pounds of food from Curves and the 200 pounds collected by Relay for Life and various local donors recently have we been able to continue to support our community this spring. If you have extra canned and dry goods, we could sure use them.

Two churches have mentioned that they plan to grow gardens for us: St. Augustines Episcopal Church, again this year, and the Homer United Methodist Church. Both gardens are being planted to help benefit the food pantry. And, if you are out at the Homer Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, dont forget the donation tub manned by Harvest for Hope. Those donations also are greatly appreciated.

For the first time ever, we were able to offer potatoes to our clients every week, all winter long. A great big thank you to Mr. Rinehart, Mr. Potato Head, Theresa Dubber, Mr. and Mrs. Bittner and Mr. Barnes for keeping us well supplied with potatoes this winter. What a big deal. You are all the best.

Items we are currently looking for are tents, sleeping bags, canned goods, plastic grocery bags and bottles up to 16 ounces only. Also, if you are out at a garage sale or you have held one and have any of the following items left, we will happily take your donations on Monday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon: household goods (no electronics), kitchen items and clothing.

And we certainly wouldnt say no to any helpful hands that should choose to show up around closing time to help clean up. We close at 3 p.m., but start cleaning up around 2:30 p.m., so if you have a little bit of time to come help wipe down and put away tables and pack up the remainder of the donations to put on the truck that heads to the Anchor Point Food Pantry, we would dearly love to see you. We seem to run out of steam about then.

A sincere thank you to all you generous and giving Homerites. Thanks for being good neighbors. Our 100 percent volunteer army salutes you.

Homerites. Thanks for being good neighbors. Our 100 percent volunteer army salutes you.

Diana Jeska and Donna Wells and the Homer Community Food Pantry Board