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Story last updated at 3:49 PM on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Music fest great treat for Homer

If you didnt make it to the Buffy Sainte-Marie concert at the Down East Saloon last Friday and Saturday for its first two-day music festival, you missed a hot shot of energy the Homer hamlet received from the lady herself. Buffy Saint-Marie is an extremely spirited icon in the music world, but shes much more than that. Homer was graced by her presence. Her 71-year-old energy has not diminished over time but it only got better. I know, I was there in the beginning of her talent and couldnt believe my ears then either.

As we humans struggle to find our footing in this fast approaching brave new world, we need leaders like Buffy Sainte-Marie who are willing to be angels for the fallen and guiding lights to the next stage of life. This was her first trip to Alaska, but with all the love she received from Homer, Im certain it wont be her last. Buffy is Canadian by birth, Cree Indian and one of a kind. What if the next Canadian to play on this new stage would be somebody like Neil Young? Miracles do happen in Homer, ya know.

Thanks to Kathy and Marlene of the Down East Saloon and all their efforts to please the people of Homer as well as to make Buffy feel right at home. It was a great success. Thanks to Milo Matthews for his great inspirational find by talking Buffy Sainte-Marie into doing a show in Homer in the first place. Thanks to all the musicians and dancers who contributed to the first true and permanent open air concert stage in Homer (far too many musicians to mention here).

Cant wait to see whos next on the Down East Saloons outdoor stage.

Maka Fairman