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Story last updated at 3:44 PM on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cat owners should take notice

A golden crowned sparrow comes to my garden and to gardening boxes on my deck every day. Other birds do, too, probably partly because my lot in town has so many trees, bushes and other natural vegetation. I want it that way; it attracts birds. Their presence and their songs give me much pleasure.

Cats also hang out on my land. One has been around for some time. I've seen it crouch in a predatory way and once I saw it leap on something. I did see a dead vole the other day and a dead shrew. What else might it be after? Back to the golden crowned sparrow that comes to my lot. Well, no more. A couple of days ago it was gone.

About cats: They are predatory animals. Some cat owners who are very responsible and considerate in other ways have a blind spot when it comes to their cats. Cats don't know that they are trespassing onother people'sland. Responsible, considerate cat owners keep their cats indoors, especially during the time that birds are nesting (late May through mid July).

Beth Cumming