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Story last updated at 5:08 PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Benefit concert howling success

This years HoWLin HoWL Benefit Concert was sunnier, louder, busier, tastier and quite possibly more fun than all the other benefit concerts weve yet had. This was our fourth year hosting this event at the Yurt Village to raise money for HoWL programs, and its the first time Ive gotten sunburn and eaten a nettle burger.

This years concert felt different than our benefit concerts in the past; it was more about the celebration of the day, and it felt like something that everyone expected and planned for and were excited to attend. It felt like a concert with a solid enough history to become an annual event. It was a day that celebrated this community, and a by-product of this community: HoWL.

Thank you to the mothers and sisters who sat or stood at the door taking peoples money, to the daughters who sold cotton candy to their friends, to the men and the boys who flipped nettle burgers and to the HoWL kids who picked those nettles this spring. Thank you to the mom who bought and prepared all of our food, to the HoWLers who got up on stage as the emcees. (Didnt they do a fantastic job?) Thank you to the girls who painted kids faces and the people who got their faces painted. Thank you to the mother who knew exactly where to buy a cash box and get change on a Saturday night, to the sons and daughters who showed up early and painted signs and hung them up and at the end of the night took them down.

The bands, oh what wonderful bands. How can I thank you bands enough but to promise you more nettle burgers next year and to honestly say your music is how we celebrate the sun. Thank you to the Yurt Village for always giving us a space to be. Thank you to the volunteers and businesses that spread the word and plastered our posters and our advertisements for free all over town.

And most of all, thank you to everyone who came. It was a wonderful event because of you. HoWL raised $1,800 on this day and provided an amazing evening for all. Well do it again next year and we hope that you all can come. Thank you, Homer, for making it all possible.

Libby B. Veasey, executive director

HoWL Inc.