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Story last updated at 1:45 PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anchor Point Farmers' Market: Friendly faces on every corner

BY Colleen Rindlisbacher
For the Homer News


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These pieces by Alaskan Wilderness Etchings are an example of some of the wares available at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.

Many people know Anchor Point as a place to fish, but with a growing community, Anchor Point is full of rich personalities ready to share a piece of themselves with you.

Every week we plan to highlight a new vendor, and share upcoming events for the farmers' market.


Alaskan Wilderness Etchings is one of the market's vendors. According to the company's web site (www.AKwildernessEtchings.com), Randy and Nancy have enjoyed living in Alaska since 1979 and 1986, respectively. They life a semi-remote rural subsistence lifestyle.

Hunting, horseback activities, fishing, trapping and snowshoeing are some of the things they enjoy and that help them appreciate all the Alaska wonders around them.

Randy has been a wilderness guide all of his adult life, the majority of the time by horseback. He has been an artist in a variety of different media over the years, ranging from glass, wood, antler, horn, decorative iron blacksmith and hand forging knife blades. He is now able to satisfy the passion he has had for so many years with glass. Randy creates all the designs for Alaskan Wilderness Etchings.

"His artistic ability, unique style of etching and attention to detail are what makes each piece a work of art," according to the web site.

Nancy has enjoyed some defining Alaska activities through the years, living with solar power for 11 years, catching, smoking and canning salmon, being a volunteer in a variety of dog races (two years, Iditarod). Her favorite activity is hiking trails by snowshoe after a fresh snow, occasionally doing some etching to keep up her skills, according to the web site.

This etching/carving business is a way for them to share some of the beauty of Alaska in a unique form.

You can learn more about Alaskan Wilderness Etchings by visiting the company's website.


Every Monday during July, there will be a food-prep demonstrator on-site during market hours — 4-8 p.m.

Live music from local talent also will be coming in the month of July.

Remember, the Anchor Point Farmers' Market is located at the Anchor Point Greenhouse off the Sterling Highway. Turn on Rose Avenue and look for the signs.

Colleen Rindlisbacher is part of the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.