Story last updated at 3:28 p.m. Thursday, June 27, 2002

Information regarding courthouse activity is taken from logbooks and court-issued forms and may not contain all details of the final disposition of each case. Case files are available for public review at the courthouse.

Court records show the following actions taken in Homer District Court through June 24:

Cases filed in Criminal Court

Patrick R. Yourkowski, 48, driving while intoxicated.

Daniel Hetrick, 18, second-degree sexual assault, a felony.

Jesse Kvasnikoff, 18, second-degree sexual assault, a felony.

Craig L. Gunther, 52, Talkeetna, felony DWI, driving while license revoked.

Christopher D. Erickson, 22, improper use of evidence of registration.

Jedediah D. Tillion, 28, action of operator immediately after accident.

Carie Michelle Marcum, 26, DWI.

Chester T. Gourley, 26, DWLR.

Gus Ukatish, 42, fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

Jack Alto, 72, DWI.

Steven D. Reichel, 38, DWI, refusal to take a breath test, DWLR, failure of new owner to secure transfer of registration and title.

Paul P. Clawson, 39, harassment.

Robert N. Begich, 39, DWI.

Peter Basargin, 49, first-degree criminal trespass.

Michael G. Bath, 46, DWI, driving while license suspended.

Jason M. Wisdom, Fritz Creek, 19, DWI, fourth-degree weapons misconduct, minor consuming alcohol.

Corinne M. Sheldon, 40, sixth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance (marijuana).

Flint Collins, 16, Anchor Point, DWI.

Dulcinea B. Graham, 23, third-degree criminal mischief.

Daniel L. Greene, 24, third-degree theft.

Michelle K. McCann, 16, MCA.

Cases filed in Civil Court

McMaster Financial LLC vs. Valerie Young-Williams and David Williams, debt.

Pacific Detroit Diesel vs. Halibut King Charters, debt.

Small Claims

Northern Enterprises vs. Frank Martushev, debt.

Marriage License Applications

David R. Vetterkind, Anchor Point, and Esther J. Rivers, Fritz Creek.

Robert J. Karnos and Sara T. Woltjen.