Story last updated at 2:48 p.m. Thursday, June 27, 2002

Woman injured in lagoon mishap
Staff report
photo: news
  Photo by Sepp Jannotta, Homer News
Gary Garroutte's tow truck lands a Ford Escort station wagon from the Fishing Hole Tuesday.  
The simple ebb and flow of fishing for king salmon at the Homer Spit Fishing Hole was rudely interrupted for one unfortunate angler Tuesday when a parked car struck her as it rolled into the lagoon.

As Bert Elum closed the back of his Ford Escort station wagon, it rolled out of the parking lot. As he ran to try and engage the parking brake, he was unable to open the car's driver door.

A half dozen anglers, including the Oregon woman who was struck, were fishing at the water's edge when a shout alerted them to the car rolling off the bank.

"We heard that shout and everybody started running in all different directions," said Dennis Hildebrand, a friend of the woman. "She was running and didn't quite make it. Luckily she bounced off the hood."

The Oregon angler's fishing rod looked to be a casualty, as it was knocked from her hand and disappeared into the lagoon.

The car, which had completely disappeared under the oncoming tide, was later removed with the help of a dive team from C.C. Aquatics. The divers hooked the car to a tow truck, which pulled it from the lagoon.

The woman was treated by paramedics and transported to South Peninsula Hospital, where she was later released.

Harbormaster Matt Clarke said in his 10 years on the job, he'd never seen a car go into the fishing lagoon before.

photo: news
  Photo by Sepp Jannotta, Homer News
An unidentified bystander recieves a fishing rod from diver Cecil Cheatwood. The rod was lost when the car rolled through a group of anglers.  
They typically wind up in the harbor itself, he said.

On Wednesday, harbor personnel found an unidentified vehicle in the harbor near the small boat launch.