Story last updated at 3:02 p.m. Thursday, June 27, 2002

Harbor project bad idea
Dear Editor,

I have been made aware of the plans to build a harbor or boat ramp in Anchor Point. Apparently the people who live in the Anchor Point Fire Service Area will be taxed to support it. The project will cost millions of dollars to build, will be expensive to maintain and will benefit only a few of the people who live in Anchor Point.

I fail to see why those of us who live outside Anchor Point, but in the fire service area, should be expected to pay for it. There is a perfectly acceptable harbor just down the road in Homer. I have seen boats being put into the water in Anchor Point, and the system seems to work just fine. Why mess it up?

I am perfectly willing to pay taxes for schools and even for the supposed fire protection, though I know we would burn to the ground before any firemen could reach us. The maintenance of a fire department is important for everyone, as are schools.

Another harbor or boat ramp is not necessary, or important, to the majority of people in the service area.

How will all that digging and dredging affect the marine and other wildlife? It is short sighted to believe that not much dredging will be needed once the thing is built. I have seen the Rogue River in Oregon. They are constantly dredging that out, winter and summer, just to keep it open for the boats in the harbor. Ask the Oregonians about their salmon runs.

I hope that all the concerned residents of the outlying areas of the Anchor River Fire Service Area will contact their assembly members and protest this ill-conceived idea.

Betty Hunter