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Story last updated at 4:41 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's the city got to hide?

At last week's city council meeting, Mayor Hornaday advised council members to be very careful about they say in their emails because "more and more lawsuits are being won and lost on emails." If the city were acting honestly and legally Mayor Hornaday would have nothing to worry about.

The city has spent thousands of dollars in court trying to keep embarrassing emails from being disclosed, including those concerning the ill-fated Town Square/City Hall project. The city's non-disclosure of emails is currently being litigated in the Anchorage Superior Court. The City of Homer lost a distinct but related Superior Court case in 2009.

Mayor Hornaday continually emphasizes the costs of this and other litigation but fails to mention that the city is all-too-often ruled to have acted illegally. It is time for the mayor to accept his responsibility for the city's litigation costs instead of blaming the messenger.

Frank Griswold


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