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Story last updated at 4:41 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We should all care because what we do matters and affects others

A lot of folks around here know that what we do as landowners and as citizens does actually matter to things like the quality of the water we drink, the health of the fisheries that feed our families and pay the bills, the capacity of our lands and waters to keep us alive and healthy. But yesterday I was reminded that some folks could use a bit more awareness about all this.

I'd gone on a wonderful "head of the bay" ride with Mark Marette of Trails End Horse Adventures. As we rode up the beach just past Kachemak Selo on our way to the Switchback Trail, we saw two boys maybe 11 or 12, maybe not pulling swallow eggs from the nests built into a bank near the beach. The boys were pulling eggs out of the bank nests just for something to do.

Mark asked the boys (in a very friendly way, I thought) not to destroy ALL the eggs, explaining that if they did, there'd be fewer swallows around to eat insects and we'd all get bitten by more mosquitoes.

In answer to Mark's good-natured request, one of the boys sullenly said: "As if we care." Those were his exact words: "As if we care."

Boy, did he say a mouthful with those three words: As if we care that what we're doing is pointlessly cruel; as if we care that it's pretty lame to kill something so defenseless because you're too bored and clueless to do anything else; as if we care that what we're doing is actually bad for people in our village including us that we're basically crapping in our own nests, so to speak; as if we care that we live in a world where what we do actually matters to ourselves, our families, our friends, and all the others whom our actions affect; as if we care that we just don't care ...

I take this as a reminder that the rest of us just have to care more to make up for folks who just don't care.

Devony Lehner