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Story last updated at 4:39 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stop the lunatic fringe

The lunatic fringe who control the U.S. House are refusing to raise the U.S. debt limit and thereby destroy what is left of the U.S. economy. Don Young and his fellow corrupt, lying Bush-Reagan hard-core fascists insist on eliminating Medicare, health care for women and children, and programs that benefit the poor, elderly and powerless. At the same time they refuse to make robber barons, war profiteers and fat-cat campaign contributors pay their fair share of taxes.

Class warfare began in the United States with Reagan's inauguration in 1981. Since then, the fascists created a secret-police-state plutocracy that has transferred wealth and power from the majority to the richest tenth of one percent of the population. The five Justice majority U.S. Supreme Court has legalized this plutocracy with their "Citizens United" decision. Thirty years of Bush-Reagan ideology has destroyed the middle class, jobs, unions and tax fairness.

And, if the lunatic fringe succeeds in refusing to raise the debt limit, they destroy any chance of economic recovery. The fascists must be stopped now.

Frank Vondersaar