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Story last updated at 1:04 PM on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kids raise funds for scholarships

The days are as long as anyone ever wanted them to be, the pushki is as tall as your average kids knees, and here at HoWL Headquarters (in the Yurt Village), this executive director has some long overdue thank-yous to attend to.

Back in April and early May, when pushki was just last years stalks and the days were gaining seven minutes of light, more than 60 volunteers and local kids (known as DiRtBaGs) picked up 4,444 pounds of litter. We combed the ditches and the sidewalks, the neighborhoods and the beaches. Several dozen truckloads of yellow bags and tires and giant twisted scraps of metal contributed to our victory at the Homer Chamber of Commerce as having picked up the most this year.

But the significant part of this accomplishment (in addition to the fact that there is that much litter in Homer every spring) is why we did it and who helped us.

The DiRtBaGs are kids who raise money for HoWL scholarships, so that every kid can go on a HoWL trip, regardless of how much it costs. This year the DiRtBaGs (which, by the way, stands for Discount Rates to Boys and Girls) raised more than $8,000 for HoWL scholarships. We dirty DiRtBaGs are ever grateful to all our sponsors, but this letter is especially to thank one of our most significant sponsors for this event: The Homer Foundations Youth Advisory Committee, with funding support from YACs generous donors and the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth Funds.

Our grant from YAC ensured that three local kids could participate on a HoWL expedition this summer with a full scholarship. HoWL was able to award 22 local kids partial and full scholarships to attend HoWL courses this summer. Thank you, Homer Foundations Youth Advisory Committee, all your generous donors and the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth Funds. You contribution to HoWLs DiRtBaG Clean-Up Week will ensure that environmental awareness, experiential education and awesome outdoor opportunities continue to be a possible for every kid in Homer. Happy trails.

Libby B. Veasey

HoWL executive director and lead instructor