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Story last updated at 1:01 PM on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giving credit where credit due, and reminding: PFDs save lives

We want to thank all the people involved with saving our lives. First, credit goes to all of us for wearing our personal flotation devices, PFDs. I am 100 percent convinced that there is not time to put them on. It took less than one second from being underway above the water to being under the boat and in the water.

All boaters must wear PFDs.

Jack Porter is credited for Gods direction to keep checking on us behind him every 30 seconds until he could see us and then turning back for us and trying to help. Then, for running for help and bringing Mike Geagel and the Emma J and the UAF boat for assistance.

Bonnie Porter got on the radio with 911 and stayed in communication with the harbormaster, troopers and Coast Guard. Then, she skippered her craft while Jack hopped on the UAF vessel with Capt. Hans Peterson to help hoist the three of us out of the water.

I recall that we exceeded the no-wake zone returning to the ramp. Medic teams were quick to transfer us, cut our clothes off and wrap us up and get warm air on us. Hospital staff, particularly Ginny and Bonnie in ER, were professional and proficient. Trooper Dave advised me that the capsized vessel was drifting 2 knots per hour and would likely sink in heavy seas and sent out a hazard-to-navigation warning.

The next day Savannah Dawn towed it in upside down. Cecil flipped it and got it on a trailer and to the Mercury Dealer.

I want to thank each and every person involved for their combined effort in saving our three lives.

Very sincerely,

Keith L. Hediger, Adam Hediger and Mike Cuffe