Story last updated at 4:24 p.m. Thursday, June 20, 2002

Snomads helped team
Dear Editor,

Once again, the Snomads have made an important contribution to the children of our community. Thanks are given for the generous donation to help with the reconditioning of football helmets for the Homer High School Mariners football team. With too many budgets to count, the Snomads have helped insure the utmost in safety for out athletes. We are truly thankful and awed by your support.

Parents, players and community members, please follow the Snowmads' lead. Get involved in our schools and the extracurricular activities happening here. So much is gained by these programs: character building, teamwork, commitment. Imagine the impact on our youth if these programs did not exist. Not only our children, but also our entire community would suffer greatly without these activities. Your active interest in some small way is essential. Please take the time today to make an impact on our future. Your time is your most valuable asset. You can help to make a difference, just as the Snomads do. And remembers, "Go Big Blue!"

Shelly Fraley, for the Mariner Football Booster Club