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Story last updated at 9:47 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anniversary: Joyce and John Williams


Joyce and John Williams

Joyce and John Williams met in Huntington Beach, Calif., in 1960. John was in the Navy on leave and saw Joyce Meis drive by with a couple of friends in her black and red 1955 Ford convertible. He caught up with her and took an opportunity to jump in her car and impress her with his big personality. A year later they were married. Steven is their oldest son, followed by Darren, then Joyce got her little girl, Stephanie.

The Williams moved to Anchorage in 1972 and to Homer in 1974. John worked for City of Homer Public Works, then the Alyeska Pipeline, and then for Petro Marine. They also ran Spruce Acres Bed and Breakfast for about 20 years. They retired, but not really. Their kids still keep them busy. They help their son Darren, who pastors at the Refuge Chapel. Joyce is always cleaning, bringing food for pot-lucks and serving on committees. John installs and fixes everything at the church, helps with the finances and supports in any way he can. They help Stephanie with her child-care business, John building fences and Joyce helping with the children to give her a break. They go out every winter to visit their son Steven and his wife Jody in Oregon. They have five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren on the way.

Their family wrote, "Joyce and John Williams are the personification of the term "salt of the earth." They are a breed of parents that one observes less and less of these days. This short write-up could never tell the ups and downs 50 years together brings, or the treasure this couple is to their family and friends. We are so happy we can celebrate along with John and Joyce the day that commemorates the beginning of such a full life together."