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Story last updated at 9:42 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Police arrest sailor during USS Decatur visit

Homer Police early last Friday morning assisted Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents in arresting a sailor on USS Decatur shortly after it arrived in Homer. Michael T. Williams, 25, was taken to the Homer Jail and held until NCIS agents could extradite him, said Homer Police Lt. Randy Rosencrans. Williams is no longer in police custody.

NCIS agents were already in Homer in preparation for the destroyer's visit. Decatur stopped in Homer to provide shore leave for its crew and is now in the north Pacific Ocean participating in Operation Northern Edge, a joint Navy-Air Force-Coast Guard training exercise.

According to an article by Gidget Fuentes of the Navy Times, Williams was arrested on charges of conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon and shooting from a moving vehicle.

Williams and two other men are alleged to have been involved in a May 15 assault at a Chula Vista, Calif., parking lot in which a Marine was shot in the leg.

The Marine had non-life threatening injuries. Decatur is home ported in San Diego near Chula Vista.