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Story last updated at 9:26 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plea for citizens to pay attention

The Builderberg meets this week. If you had great money and power, how might you pass laws to control people's right to be armed? You could cause events that makes it look like "terrorists" are easily getting guns they plan to "terrorize" us with. What would you do if you wanted to pass laws to clamp down on the Internet, where too much truth about you is getting out? You make it look like hate speech needs control. How would you proceed if you wanted to keep building and operating your nuke power plants? Play down Fukushima by eliminating people's ability to track where and how much radiation there is, the dangers, and change the declared "safe" levels of radiation exposure.

What would you do if you want a new energy tax? You declare CO2 a toxic substance responsible for any adverse weather, and tell us taxing us will solve the problem. What would you do if you wanted to pass "food safety" laws to give power to corporate agriculture and knock out the little guys? You could create food scares killing innocents to make it look like there is danger from small farmers, perhaps genetically engineer e.coli, Ebola, Anthrax or hoof-and-mouth. I want raw almonds back on the shelf, not Codex Alimentarius.

How might Goldman-Sachs confiscate Libya's investments with them or keep China from getting their business? You declare Gaddafi a terrorist (even though he had no previous history of abusing his people) and bomb him into submission. What do you do if you want to want to get TSA gestapo checkpoints at every mall, bus, event or train station? You could cause some event(s) to make it look like we will be unsafe without government protection. You'll need to start somewhere, how about airports?

How would you circumvent constitutionally guaranteed rights to privacy and security from unwarranted search and seizure or domestic surveillance with laws like the Patriot Act? An event like Oklahoma City or 9/11 would do. How can you create public backing of wars to gain control of oil rich nations?

We (Senate and Congress included) are being feed lies heaped upon lies and I'm sick of it. But it really doesn't take a genius to see through them. All I plead to my fellow citizens is to pay attention. Things are moving very fast now. Those who give up freedom and liberty for the promise of security will get nor deserve neither.

Rev. Richard Olson