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Story last updated at 9:26 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Debt is the real enemy

Go ahead, community of family, enjoy your credit debt as long as you can, but it's getting close to end game. Remember, when the game is over all debts will be called in one way or the other. One way is to lose all the possessions you think you've worked for all your life your house, your cars, your style of life. If you use credit of any kind, you are borrowing from tomorrow to pay for today, and, believe me, tomorrow doesn't exist already with us citizens bailing out the banks and corporations. Everything is getting higher on the shelves, or I'm getting shorter.

The banks are also already dead if money is dying. What does that mean? They've been bailed out by you (and me). We do not know how to print the money we use and we would be jailed if we did. When you get a bank loan today, you are borrowing your own money back, and then paying for it again with money that does not exist. Who is going to bail you out? Certainly not your government. That money is your really big debt, something like $14 trillion. Who can count that high?

The other way debts get called in, is the jail time you face when you can no longer pay back the money you bailed the banks out with, because there are no jobs left (outsourced to other countries) to make more money with. What a fraud game we all live by, and strangely enough we seem to approve of whatever they do to us, as long as we can keep playing the game.

We would lose our entire worlds if we saw debt as the enemy, but we can't afford to do that. One thing for sure, when the money runs out, so will the governments, politicians, and bankers. Then where will we be? Holy cow! We might have to paddle for a while.

Thank God, Alaska is a slow mover, has a small population, bountiful wildlife and is still fairly transparent. We have seasons that weed out the riff-raff overflow, including the politicians who come for the money. We have lands still (so far) that can (and do) provide us with food and heat energy. We must protect these majestic lands with our lives, as the land, as wild as it is, protects us. In Marine Corps training it is taught, "All you need is food and shelter; the rest is sheer luxury."

Maka Fairman