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Story last updated at 9:26 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animals at shelter need your love

I live in a house with four cats that we got from the animal shelter. Even though we got them at different times, they get along very nicely. I am writing in to tell the wonderful town of Homer, Alaska, that there are a whole bunch of cats and dogs at the animal shelter that need homes and families and most of all, love.

Many people believe that the animals are happy at the animal shelter and don't want to leave. This is not true. They might be happy there, but they want a real home, someone who will love them.

Also some people believe that it costs too much to keep a pet. This is just hogwash. One cat probably needs about $3 per week for food and litter. Look at what the animal gives you. He loves you from the bottom of his heart and will be kind to you for the rest of his days.

Now, maybe some of you can't adopt, but why don't you volunteer and show your love for the animals that need it? I myself enjoy going to the shelter just to play with the animals. So, please do try and help the animals at the shelter.

Nolan Bunting