Story last updated at 4:36 p.m. Thursday, June 13, 2002

Fish processor flooded
After a New York Times food reviewer paid a Cordova fish processor a compliment, business has boomed.

So loudly, in fact, that phone lines at Prime Select Seafoods couldn't handle all the calls.

"We had to have the phone company come down and show us how to reset it," said Katie Boehm, who handles orders for Prime Select. "It's the kind of high-quality problem we like to have."

The hubbub started after Eric Asimov, culinary reviewer for The New York Times, posted his May 22 story singing the praises of Prime Select's jarred, smoked sockeye salmon.

"When I open a jar, I'm compelled to make like a bear and gorge," Asimov wrote, including the company's contact information.

President of Prime Select Jeff Bailey said the phone calls came in as soon as The New York Times was delivered, starting from the Ohio area, then Denver and finally Los Angles.

"I don't know how many orders we've gotten because of it," said Sue Laird, vice president of the company, as she held up a fistful of orders. "We've been too busy just getting the orders out the door to count them."

Laird said she's cautiously optimistic about the flood of business.

"We're going to be old news next week," she said. "But we'll still have lots of return customers."

-- The Cordova Times