Story last updated at 4:35 p.m. Thursday, June 13, 2002

Time to get tough
Dear Editor,

After reading the editorial in the June 6 issue of the Homer News, I have to strongly agree that something needs to be done to protect private and state property and enforce the laws against those who choose to break them. I was shocked to have read that somebody set off a potentially deadly homemade bomb in a Bishop's Beach restroom during the Memorial Day weekend that could have killed an innocent person standing nearby. As I see it, detonating a deadly bomb in a public use area in Homer is a clear sign of terrorist activity in our city. And as President George Bush has warned other nations in the past, you are either with the United States or against the United States in its efforts to fight against terrorists who threaten America's democracy and freedom. And setting off a homemade bomb in a public restroom at Bishop's Beach certainly qualifies to me as a pure act of terrorism against the United States of America.

This matter should be treated as serious. As for enforcing local laws, it would help if state officials publicly recruited 30-40 volunteer private citizens from the local Homer and Anchor Point communities to help patrol every high-risk recreation area suspected of possible criminal activities. State troopers can train private citizens to be "untouchable" in self-defense tactics and private citizen volunteer patrol groups that police strategic areas and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Recruiting "untouchable" volunteer citizens to work for the law can help fight against crime.

Scott Ungerecht