Story last updated at 4:35 p.m. Thursday, June 13, 2002

Feeling dissed
Dear Editor,

I would like to point out an injustice. I know that some of you don't give a hoot about what goes on at KBBI radio, but you should, and here's an example why.

Back last winter there was an uproar over changes made to local programming at the station. I've been a listener and a supporter since 1992, not directly with money (unless you count my tax dollars,) but rather by donating my time as a performer at the Concert on the Lawn during the annual support drive. This last uproar concerned me. I could tell that the radio station was being kidnapped by people who were not interested in local issues, programming or artists. I stayed out of the letter writing that followed the changes, but I did sign a petition protesting them,

Now comes the financial drive. Will I support them? No.

In the past I've had issues with the blatant liberal bias of National Public Radio news. At times I really couldn't stand some of the choices I've heard for musical formats, but till now I've kept listening. Up till now I could just turn it off and come back later. Up till now I've exercised my patience and felt assured that my information and musical listening needs would eventually be met. Up until now I've felt included. Up until now. Not any more.

What happened? Nothing much, except the band's a little disappointed. We wanted to perform at this year's Concert on the Lawn. We did what was required. We assembled the band at my house, made a tape and gave it to KBBI, all in spite of the fact that we have been playing locally for almost two years and I would hope that someone at KBBI had already heard of us. We're called "The Rockwells." A lot of the locals know us and like our music. I called KBBI several times and talked to the person responsible. "Was the tape good enough?" "Yes," I was told. Were we available for Sunday of the two-day concert? Yes we were. First, I was told there had to be a board meeting, and as soon as a decision was made I'd get a call back. I waited three weeks. Called twice and spoke to the person responsible. "We've got one more meeting and I'll call you back." They didn't.

I finally got an answer, and it was, "No, there are way too many bands [local?] for a two-day concert and there's no room for you." The result: I finally have had enough of KBBI.

I'm not crying, but you can't get more local than The Rockwells. Two of our members went to high school here. We play hard, wear the flag and don't take kindly to being dissed. We may make an enemy or two, but you will never hear a word uttered from our rock 'n' roll lips supporting KBBI. They have let me, my bandmates, our families and our many fans down, not just by excluding The Rockwells, but by giving in to a blinding need for money and a belief that you won't give money to them unless you're entertained by out-of-town acts.

Roger O. Cornett