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Story last updated at 8:27 PM on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Violation of public trust

The city of Homer did not request control over the Homer Spit rights of way in order to enforce parking regulations or control congestion. The city of Homer wanted to permit private businesses to use the public rights of way for their private parking. The state of Alaska Department of Transportation recently refused to reissue parking permits within the Homer Spit rights of way, possibly due to federal regulations which prohibit it.

The Homer Spit Road was built with federal tax dollars so even though the city of Homer has now been delegated rights of way enforcement authority by the state of Alaska, federal regulations still apply.

Furthermore, it is a violation of the public trust to allow private businesses to encroach on public property. DOT did not have the funds or the will to enforce parking and/or other regulations on the Homer Spit and neither does the city of Homer.

Frank Griswold


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