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Story last updated at 4:32 PM on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great food fueled park volunteers

We know that a lot of us have been riding the crest of the wave from the Homer Playground Projects huge accomplishments (and busy playing at the new playground), but as we come down from that and the wave dissipates, we wanted to send a shout out of thanks to those who made the food portion of the project a reality. These are folks that were not able to be up at the park but were immensely helpful and crucial to it running smoothly: Susie at Petro Express (for the advice and the ice); The Grog Shop, Coca-Cola and Bills Distributing (for bottled water deliveries); Cups, Wasabis, Full Circle Farms, Country Foods, Peterkin for raw veggies, fruits and drinks; Safeway, State Farm and Loopy Lupine who outfitted us with paper products for the entire week; the Elks Club for use of their kitchen the week before Build Week; South Peninsula Hospital; Glacierview Baptist Church; and the families from Voznesenka went above and beyond. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Lions Club your hot dogs fed half of Homer.

Truthfully, the list goes on and on and if you want to know who else contributed, drive through town (and outlying areas) and look around because every food and coffee establishment in this town is on the list. This does not even scrape the surface because there are meatball ladies, salad goddesses, bread providers and cookie connoisseurs who just showed up and fed those hungry volunteers.

This playground was built by some dedicated volunteers and thanks to all of you foodies they were happy, well fed and often came back for another shift. This playgrounds roots run deep and we really think without everyone stepping forward and saying yes, it would not have been done.Thank you.

Kate Crowley and Corina Hancock

HoPP food coordinators