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Story last updated at 4:33 PM on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Littles, Bigs help with playground

What an incredible community we live in. I had the pleasure of helping out as a team captain at the HoPP Build Week and I cant say enough thank yous that would do everyone justice. To all of you that helped on my painting crew, you are a talented, creative bunch.

Many of the Littles in our Big Brothers Big Sisters program were too young to participate on the work site, but they found ways to contribute by helping with child care, baking food, and making thank-you cards. Thank you, Rhythm, Paloma, Alana, Diego, Elsie, Makayla and Hailey. Others were able to help with pre-week activities like putting up the orange fencing and making the 20 pairs of saw horses. Thank you, James, Tim and Solstice.

On top of that our Bigs showed up in force to share their skills. Thank you, Amanda Foley, Rachel Allmendinger, Lisa Rich, Joel Cooper, Jim Huff, Grant Arseneau, Joanna Greene, Sachiko Knisely, Angela Agosta, Sherry Stead, Terri Mach, Katie Kirsis, Wes Head, Chick Deal, Shanley Kerls, Nina Faust, Shirley Fedora, Rachel Lord and Susanna Sharp. And I know there were several BBBS parents there, too, like Tara, Alisa, Kristen, Jared, Catherine, Pauli and many more that I just couldnt see in the crowd of 500.

Thanks, Homer, for starting something big.

Jenny Martin

Big Brothers Big Sisters